My name is Jaime and I'm a cat behavior consultant, certified cat trainer, and pet care professional.  EVERYTHING I do professionally goes toward helping cats.  Cats are my passion and I decided to focus my efforts on helping these fun little felids in 2012 when I first began working with them at a humane society.  I didn't get into the business of training cats in order to become rich - it is truly a passion project.  All of the income I make in my business goes towards my foster cats, my own cats, or toward my dream of creating a sanctuary for senior cats.


I do quite a bit of volunteer work - I help fosters with their shy, scared, under socialized and/or aggressive foster cats.  I work directly with shelter cats who are bored, depressed, fearful or aggressive to make them more adoptable.  I am also working toward teaching classes to the public to help them work with their cats at home, in order to help keep more cats in homes and out of shelters. 

When I work with cats I use a combination of behavior science with intuition, energy work, essential oils, flower essences, and sound healing to help restore harmony in the household. I believe in the energetic connection between guardians and the animals who live with them.


My approach to behavior consulting is about the WHOLE picture. I look at each cat as an individual being with his/her own unique set of experiences, preferences and needs. I believe that proper nutrition is an important component to a well-behaved cat. I teach my clients the art of playtime, how/when/what/where to feed, and clicker training. I love finding creative solutions to problems that people and their cats are having.


When there is an issue at hand, I see it both as a disharmony in the energy, and a breakdown in the communication between human and cat. This is why I absolutely love using training methods AND energy work in my practice. 


When I take on a new client, I am completely invested in their success. Therefore, my clients are ready and willing to do the work it takes to re-establish the bond with their cats, learn new skills, and catify their homes.  Contact me  today to see how I can get you Cat Happy! 

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