All of the cats/kittens listed on this page are available for adoption and are kitties that ones that I am either fostering or have directly worked with to help become more adoptable. If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please email me at!

Charlie & Soul - Bonded Pair

Age:      Approx. 4 years

Sex:       Male/Female

Breed:   Domestic long hair

Colors:  Soul - black

             Charlie - black/white

Charlie and Soul are brother and sister. They were found and raised together by the original guardian. When she came upon hard times, her parents took over their care. These two have been through a lot, including several moves and several changes of guardianship, but they have always had each other for comfort. These are the type of cats who will love you forever once you earn their trust. It may not be immediate, but in the right home, they will settle in and make themselves right at home with you. They need permanence in their lives, and we are seeking one final home for them - their forever home. They require a quiet, adult-only home with patience and loads of love to give. They love to be brushed, petted, and they are lap cats once they get to know you. 

Snowy & Cinders - Bonded Pair

Age:      Approx. 1 year

Sex:       Female/Female

Breed:   Domestic medium hair

Colors:  Snowy - tabby point 

             Cinders - brown tabby                                 with white

Snowy and Cinders were rescued as kittens and needed some serious help with socialization. They were very fearful of people when I started working with them. I have been training with them for over 6 months and they are totally different cats than the kittens that first came into our care! Both girls are very food motivated and they love playing the "game" of clicker training. Both girls are becoming more cuddly as time goes on, and they are building more and more trust with people. They need an adult home and will greatly benefit from a stable routine so they will feel more confident in their new home. I am not in a rush to find them just any home - I am looking for the right home that is ready to welcome cats into there home that used to be feral kittens. These two have been a pleasure to have in my home and I adore them!

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