I absolutely love training with cats! How does one actually do that, you ask? The way I make the magic happen is with a high value food reward and a target stick. Cats respond best to positive reinforcement, just as dogs do. My target stick is like a magic wand to me - it can help me to make cats more social, reduce aggression, and teach fun behaviors like "sit" or "high five." 

Cat training is perfect for working with bored/depressed cats because it teaches the cat a new enriching activity. It is great for shy or fearful cats because it strengthens the bond between cat and guardian. It can also work wonders with training cats to use a scratching post and not the couch, nail trims, travel training, and is an incredibly useful tool with cat introductions. 

I often use clicker training during my behavior consultations because it is the most effective way to get a cat to understand what we are asking of them. Clicker training can help cats to overcome fear and aggression, it improves the relationship between the cat and the other human(s) and animal(s) in the home, and it can even help with litter box avoidance issues. 

Training Sessions

All training sessions will take place virtually via Zoom. This is a free meeting platform for my clients and all sessions will be recorded so you will have the ability to refer back to training instructions. 

I am currently working on putting together online courses for my clients, but this is a time-intensive process, so please keep checking back for updates. 

Please contact me if you would like more information about learning how to train fun tricks for enrichment purposes!