my process

Below is an outline of how I structure my behavioral consultations. Please note that I am working on restructuring so that I can improve my process and make things much more efficient and effective for my clients. Cat Happy Consulting will be getting a makeover in the coming months, with a brand new name AND new consultation packages that I will be offering. Stay tuned, as this is a creative process that takes some time to



Standard Consultation Process

1. Introductory Phone Call 

  • During this 10 minute phone call I will evaluate whether I feel I can be effective in helping you and your cat(s). I am holistic in my approach and I require participation and openness from my clients so that we can achieve the greatest possible success. My approach is not for those who are simply hoping that I will "fix" their cat (or one aspect of their cat). I believe that humans need to adjust their expectations and look at the larger picture of each cat's individual needs. 

2. Cat Behavior Questionnaire 

  • The questionnaire helps me to gather a history prior to our consultation. Once I have reviewed your consultation history, I will contact you to schedule our consultation and take payment. 

3. Review Medical History 

  • Because so many cats who present with behavioral "issues" are also experiencing medical issues, I need to be able to access each of your cats' medical histories for me to review. In some cases I may need to speak directly with your veterinarian. If your cat has not had a vet visit within a certain time frame (usually within the last 6 months, but depends upon the issue(s) of concern), I may require you to consult with a veterinarian prior to working with me. Especially with more serious issues, such as aggression or litter box complaints, I need to know whether there is a medical reason or connection to the behaviors (which is often the case).

4. Initial behavioral consultation 

  • This will typically be 1.5 hours of discussion via virtual meeting

  • Discussion about behavioral and medical history

  • Written behavioral modification plan (post-consult)

  • 2 weeks of messaging support

  • At the end, we schedule our 30 minute follow up call 


5. Follow up call

  • 30 minute follow up call to discuss progress, areas of concern, and address questions

  • Will take place 2 weeks from the initial consultation