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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Training is a form of enrichment for your cat. Try teaching your cat to give you a smooch!

Want to try training your cat to give you a kiss whenever you ask for one? It's pretty simple, so here's how!

Get ready to pucker up -

You'll need your cat's favorite treats and a clicker (if you are already versed in clicker training). Because this is a pretty straightforward behavior to teach, there is no real need for a clicker.

Get Ready

Make sure to minimize distractions. If you have other animals in the home, separate the cat you are going to train with by going into a separate room or by putting the other animals away. If you have young children, it is best to train away from them as well because they can be distracting to the cat (and to you, too!).

Get Set

Make sure you are training at a time when your cat is hungry. Just before a meal time is perfect - no kitty is going to want to train if they have just eaten a big meal.


Now you are ready to begin. Wait until your cat is paying attention to you. Lower your head close to your cat's level and see whether your cat goes in for the kiss. Cats generally touch their noses to other pet's noses as a gesture of greeting, so the "kiss" is a natural behavior for a cat. You can try making a smooching noise, to encourage your cat's curiosity toward your lips.

-If your cat puts their nose up to your face, immediately give a treat and say "yes!" - or if you have a clicker, then click/treat. Repeat this process, rewarding your cat for each kiss and for the times where your cat is close, but doesn't quite make contact.

-If your cat didn't automatically try to touch his nose to your lips, then try rubbing the treat on your finger and getting your finger to smell like a tasty morsel of food. Hold your finger out to your cat and if your cat touches their nose to your finger, then say "yes!" or click, then immediately give a treat. Try moving your finger to your lips, and let your cat touch their nose to your finger. Once s/he has the hang of this, then over subsequent sessions, you can "fade" out your finger, meaning you remove your finger and try going back puckering up for a kiss. Repeat this process, rewarding your cat for each kiss and for the times where your cat is close, but doesn't quite make contact.

Important Tips & Rules

-Keep this initial training session short, to no more than 3 minutes.

-Subsequent sessions on other days can go a little longer, but never exceed 15 minutes (this is a general rule in training).

-Stop if you or your cat stop having fun or if your cat stops being engaged. Training is a fun game!

-Don't correct your cat or say "no". We're working on positive reinforcement here, not punishment.

-As your cat gets better and better at this behavior, practice shaping by ignoring it when your cat "misses" one (ie gets close to touching your lips but doesn't actually make contact), and only reward a true kiss.

Have fun!!

Note: This post is for entertainment only and I am not responsible for any unsavory things you may consume from your cat (like the treats you are giving them). Consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about kissing your cat. :D


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