Behavior Consultations

Below is an outline of how I structure my behavioral consultations. Please note that I am working on restructuring so that I can improve my process and make things much more efficient and effective for my clients. Cat Happy Consulting will be getting a makeover in the coming months, with a brand new name AND new consultation packages that I will be offering. Stay tuned, as this is a creative process that takes some time to



Consultation Process

1. Phone Evaluation - FREE

  • During this 10 minute phone call I will evaluate whether I feel I can be effective in helping you and your cat(s). I am holistic in my approach and I require participation and openness from my clients so that we can achieve the greatest possible success. My approach is not for those who are simply hoping that I will "fix" their cat (or one aspect of their cat). I believe that humans need to adjust their expectations and look at the larger picture of each cat's individual needs. 

2. Cat Behavior Questionnaire - FREE

  • The questionnaire helps me to gather a history prior to our consultation. Once I have reviewed your consultation history, I will contact you to take payment. The initial consultation is currently $150. I accept Venmo and credit card payments. 

3. Medical History 

  • Because so many cats who present with behavioral "issues" are also experiencing medical issues, I need to be able to access each of your cats' medical histories for me to review. In some cases I may need to speak directly with your veterinarian. If your cat has not had a vet visit within a certain time frame (usually within the last 6 months, but depends upon the issue(s) of concern), I may require you to consult with a veterinarian prior to working with me. Especially with more serious issues, such as aggression or litter box complaints, I need to know whether there is a medical reason or connection to the behaviors (which is often the case).



4. Initial behavioral consultation - $150 (required for all new clients)

  • 1.5 hours of discussion via virtual meeting

  • Evaluation of behavioral and medical history

  • Written session summary notes and behavioral modification plan 

  • 1 month of email access for follow up questions​

  • At the end, we schedule our 30 minute follow up call 


5. Follow up call

  • 30 minute follow up call to discuss progress, areas of concern, and address questions

  • Will take place 2 weeks from the initial consultation

Mini Consultation


If you are unsure whether you need a full consultation, please reach out to me and I may be able to offer you a mini consultation. A mini consult is $75 and includes a brief history (to be given in advance), a scheduled 30 minute phone call, and a short session summary with resources and recommendations.

Please note that not all cases will be appropriate for a mini consultation, and this will be at my discretion. For example, if you are dealing with certain types of aggression, or if your cat is not using the litter box, these are often more complex cases, and I cannot accomplish resolution in a mere 30 minute session. Please contact me for any questions. 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 

by appointment


Area of Service

In-person - SD County

Virtual - anywhere

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