Whether you have had cats your whole life or whether you are a first time cat guardian, it can be difficult to know what is going on in your cat’s mind. Cats are both predators and prey animals, which means that while they are fierce hunters, they are also sensitive beings who instinctively hide pain or weakness.


Our feline friends can become stressed out with even the slightest change in their environment, diet, or routine, and we may not realize it until a bigger problem has occurred. Cats are territorial by nature and can be resistant to the addition of new animals in the home. Whether you are just getting to know your cat, or your cat has been your best friend for years, I can help you to restore harmony in your home and improve your cat’s well-being by helping you to see things from your cat’s point of view.

Please note that my pricing and services may be changing, as I am in the process of restructuring and creating!


Brief Phone Evaluation

I typically require a 10-15 minute phone call for all new clients, prior to scheduling any services. There is no charge for the call. This helps me to better understand the issues you are concerned about so that I can assess whether I feel I will be able to help you. The call is also designed so that you can get a better idea of how I work and what I am like as a person. I don't take on all cases that come my way, and an integral part of my practice is the energy between the client and myself. This is so important because I want to be your advocate and support you. All of my clients must be open to a holistic way of being. If I don't feel that I am the right consultant for you, I will always provide you with at least one or two referrals that you may pursue as other options.

Behavioral Transformation Sessions

The goal of our initial session is to transform the environment and energy in your home. We start here because cats are particularly sensitive to time, space, energy, and routine. We must find a balance between your time, your energy, and the needs of your cat(s). We kick things off with a virtual tour of your living space and I provide you with a home assessment with customized suggestions. We will discuss your goals for your cat(s), keeping their needs in mind. Together, we will co-create an initial plan to transform your relationship with your cat(s) and restore balance into your household. We will also address feline stress and boredom, and create a customized enrichment plan. This initial session will take place virtually via Zoom. This session usually takes about about 90 minutes to discuss your cat's history and put together an initial management plan.

Initial session - $150

  • 90 minute virtual Zoom call 

  • Custom plan to address stress and enrichment 

  • 2 weeks of email support

  • 30 min. follow up session, scheduled 2 weeks post-consultation

When a cat has been experiencing stress, illness, or any other imbalance for some time, or if there is a cat-cat or cat-human relationship that needs mending, we will need to work together over several sessions. While my goal is to resolve any concerns you have about your cat(s), we also have to keep in mind that all cats have an innate set of needs that cannot be compromised. Everything is about balance, and sometimes I will be focused on helping you to have reasonable expectations. Some of the methods we may use include positive reinforcement training, scent introduction, play therapy, and teaching replacement behaviors. We may also implement some holistic techniques. My focus is on the best approach for the individual person and cat, because every human and cat are unique.

Additional sessions - $100/Virtual or $150/In-Person

  • 60 minutes per session

  • Post-session written summary with behavioral modification plan

  • 1 month of email and/or limited text support during office hours

*Please note that in-person sessions depend upon my level of comfort with the current health climate, as well as your location. Masks are mandatory for all people present.

- other options -

Follow Up Support Options

If you need additional support following a session, I offer a few other ways that we can communicate. These options work great for people who are keeping busy and just need some quick support here and there. We can experiment with whichever options you would like to try, as this is about what works best for us to communicate, and each client (and case) is different. All communication is charged per minute, and will be prorated from the standard virtual session rate of $100/hour. Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis.


  • Video/voice/text messaging via WhatsApp

  • Email support

  • Scheduled phone call

Please note that some cases are more complex and cannot be sufficiently addressed with limited back-and-forth communication - for these cases, a one hour session may be required.

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I post on Instagram almost daily with LIVE virtual training sessions, training tips, product testing, adoptable foster cats, and more! I have so much fun with this account, and I think it shows. My Instagram handle for my business account is @cathappyconsulting. I plan to do loads of awesome things on here in 2021, including Foster Cat Friday (featuring adoptable foster cats), Q&A sessions, and interviews with other professionals who focus on cat behavior, training, nutrition, health, and energy healing.

I also have a community service account called North County Cat Network, and the Instagram handle is @northcountycatnetwork. This is a page for free resources and information about cats in the North County, San Diego area. I am making an effort to post videos about cats who need homes, lost cats, TNR, socializing cats and kittens, and more! Please be sure to follow this page as well, as rescue and TNR (trap-neuter-return) are very close to my heart.


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