Cats are very emotionally intelligent beings and they very easily pick up on our emotions and energy. They are also very sensitive to the different energetic frequencies all around them, which include appliances, internet router, cell towers nearby, and the energies of all beings in the household (humans and other animals). When any of the energetic beings in the home are chaotic, stressed, or unbalanced in other ways, the cats will react emotionally, behaviorally, and/or physically. For this reason, it is VERY important for all humans in the home to be actively mindful about self-care routines and striving for balance in life.


Words have energetic frequencies because there are emotional intentions behind them as well as a collective consciousness. Heart-centered words like “love,” “grateful,” and “happy” transmit high vibrational frequencies that are healing and connect us to source energy. They create an environment that attracts wellness, harmony, and balance. Words like “hate,” “stupid,” and “jerk” transmit low vibrational frequencies that lower our own vibrations and create an environment that attracts dis-ease, frustration, and low energy. We are magnets for these energies, and we need to be mindful about the types of vibrational frequencies we are attracting to us and into our cat homes.


The take home message is to be careful to use loving words with (and around) our cats, to the best of our abilities. If your cat “acts up,” and you get caught up in a moment of frustration or anger, do your best to take a step back and let it go. When you are calm, apologize to your cat(s) and give a moment of gratitude for them.


Something that affects ALL beings is the way in which emotions can become trapped in our cells, which ends up negatively impacting the physical body. Our thoughts affect our emotions, and our emotions affect our physical health. When an emotion becomes trapped in the body, it can get stuck in cellular memory anywhere – in our organs, limbs, skin, throat – literally anywhere! These trapped emotions become energetic blockages that prevent energy from flowing properly. This can result in a great deal of physical pain, but not always. The great news is that we can use many different energy modalities to return balance to ourselves and to our cats. There are many different types of practitioners who work with energy to help return physical and emotional health to the body. Some of these practitioners practice Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Healing Touch for Animals (and people), to name a few common ones. I have personal experience with all of these, and I have seen each of them help heal animals and people, transforming and releasing energy.


Other ways that you can help manage and transform your own energy (as well as the energy of your cats) is to practice meditation and affirmations. Here is a good resource that helps explain how cats can manifest many physical issues from stress alone.