Client resources

Anxiety & Stress

Body Language of Anxiety Poster (Dr. Sophia Yin)

Separation Anxiety Example (VIDEO)

Sickness Behaviors in response to unusual external events in healthy cats and cats with feline interstitial cystitis (STUDY)


Your Cat is Bored and You Can Fix it! (Jackson Galaxy VIDEO)


Catification (Book by Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin)

Design Ideas (Kate Benjamin - Haus Panther)




Feline Behavior Problems: Destructive Behavior (Cornell Feline Health Center)


Food Puzzles for Cats: Feeding for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing (Research Paper)

Food Puzzles

Food Puzzle Ideas and DIY Puzzles (Food Puzzles for Cats)

How to Feed a Cat: Addressing Behavioral Needs (AAFP Brochure PDF)


How to Pet Your Cat

Cat Petting 101 (Jackson Galaxy VIDEO)

Things to Avoid When Handling a Cat (iCatCare VIDEO)


Kitten Lady Resources (Kitten Lady - Hannah Shaw)

Kitten Development Timeline (Alley Cat Allies)



Nighttime Activity

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep (Jackson Galaxy VIDEO)

Nutrition by Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

Feline Body Condition Score Chart

How to Feed a Cat: Addressing Behavioral Needs (AAFP Brochure PDF)

Raw feeding guides (



Playing with Your Cat

The Natural Way to Play with your Cat: Prey = Play (Jackson Galaxy VIDEO)

The Wrong Way to Play with Your Cat (Jackson Galaxy VIDEO)


Scratching Posts (Maddie's Fund)

Scratching on Furniture and Carpets (International Cat Care)


Visual example of cat territories (

Why Cats are Territorial (Cat Friendly Homes)


Recording from my PET Talk on Clicker Training for Cats for San Diego Humane Society



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Beds - Raised

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Cat Carriers

Cleaning Products


Electronic Toys


Food & Water Supplies

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Litter Boxes

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Senior Cats

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Solo Toys

Towers - Small

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Training Supplies

Traveling with Cats


Wand Toys


Cat Training in 10 Minutes, by Mirium Fields-Babineau

Clicker Training for Cats, by Karen Pryor

Decoding Your Cat, by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat, by John Bradshaw, Sarah Ellis