Got a picky cat? You're not alone! 


t might be time to call me if you are finding yourself in any of these scenarios: 

  • You can’t find enough options your cat will eat

  • Your little guy is not so little anymore and could lose a few pounds

  • Your cat is addicted to dry food

  • Your veterinarian insists on a particular diet, but your cat won’t eat it

  • You’ve just brought home a new cat/kitten and have no idea what to feed him/her

  • You’re looking for fun & creative ways to feed your cat because s/he seems bored

If any of these sound like your cat, then let’s talk! I am passionate about healthy cats and species appropriate diets. Cats are true carnivores and when fed the properly balanced food, cats tend to:

  • Be more energetic

  • Look svelte and healthy

  • Have glossy fur coats

  • Be happier in general

  • Experience less medical issues

  • Be flea-free

  • Be better behaved

  • Live longer!

You will get a customized food transition plan and either a personal call or video chat with me. I can work with anyone, anywhere, as long as you are able to provide me with the exact food(s) your cat is currently eating. If you need help with weight loss, then I will need to work with your veterinarian or at least have recent records (within the last 3 months) that state your cat’s weight and body condition score. Contact me for info!


Scheduled Appointments

Monday - Friday / 11am - 7pm


Area of Service

Anywhere (virtual)

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