I offer a FREE phone call for anyone who is interested in my services and would like to get more information about my services or my process. Please call, email, or text me to set this up.


  • A la Carte Consultations:

    • $100 - 1-hour VIRTUAL consultation   

    • $150 - 1.5-hour VIRTUAL consultation   


        A 50% deposit will be taken upon scheduling the appointment in order to secure your appointment.

  • Consultation Packages:

    • $180 for TWO 1-hour consultations ​

    • $260 for THREE 1-hour consultations


        Packages are paid up front, so no deposit is required. For best results, consultations should be scheduled no 

        more than 3-4 weeks apart. For more difficult cases, within 1-2 weeks is best. Package deals may be used for 

        up to 3 months after the purchase date. I recommend scheduling each consultation at once, so that you can 

        reserve the appointment time that you want. 

NAIL CARE (Cats & Rabbits)


Nail trims are offered for cats who are easy to hold and don't mind the process. If your cat is fearful or aggressive during nail trims (or requires more than just light restraint), then your cat will require training to desensitize them to nail trims. Please refer to my training page and rates for more information.

$25 for residents of Carlsbad/Encinitas/Cardiff. For Vista/San Marcos/Oceanside, rate will vary depending on travel time


$30 for all 4 paws plus scent gland grooming 

$45 for a pair of rabbits

PRIVATE BOARDING - (Not currently offering, please check back)

$45 per day for one cat

$55 per day for two cats

Long-term rates available - please contact me


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 

by appointment


Area of Service

In-person - SD County

Virtual - anywhere

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