Whether you have had cats your whole life or whether you are a brand new cat guardian, it can be difficult to know what is going on in your cat’s mind. Cats are both predators and prey animals, which means that while they are fierce hunters, they are also sensitive beings who instinctively hide pain or weakness.


Our feline friends can become stressed out with even the slightest change in their environment, diet, or routine, and we may not realize it until a bigger problem has occurred. Additionally, cats are territorial by nature and can be resistant to the addition of new animals in the home. Whether you are just getting to know your cat, or your cat has been your best friend for years, I can help you to restore harmony in your home and improve your cat’s well-being by helping you to see things from your cat’s point of view.



  • Fearful behavior

  • Hiding when visitors come over

  • Litter box issues

  • Aggression toward other animals

  • Aggression toward people

  • Scratching issues

  • Destructive behavior

  • Fearful behavior

  • Hiding when visitors come over

  • Carrier & car travel

  • Training to receive medications

  • Door dashing

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Training/tricks

  • Leash/harness walking

  • Transition to a healthier food

  • Boredom or depression


Scheduled Appointments

Monday - Friday / 11am - 7pm


Area of Service

Anywhere (virtual)

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