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Georgie is one of several kittens in a litter who were trapped and then taken indoors to socialize to they can be adoptable kitties. Both Georgie and her three other litter mates were found very skinny and malnourished. They are eating well and fattening up nicely in the foster home, but they have been through quite a lot of trauma in their young lives. The fosters described Georgie as fearful and she wouldn't come up to them. Rather, she would run away from them when they would try to pick her up to come and play with her brothers and sisters. To make things worse, she had received medical treatments and so now she was extra nervous about humans reaching for her.

I showed the fosters how to clicker train with Georgie by using a method called targeting. By learning that she has the CHOICE to come and interact with the humans for a food or play time reward, Georgie quickly started to come over to the humans voluntarily. This took her less than a day to learn! And the fosters parents have learned how to empower these kittens by giving them the choice to hide if they want to, and socialize when they want to. This freedom has enabled the Georgie to feel confident enough to leave her den (crate area) and interact with the human fosters. 


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